What Does Blood Test Show for Diabetes

what does blood test show for diabetes

When you experience any signs or symptoms of increasing thirst, increasing hunger for more food, frequent urination , tingling of  your hands and feet and weight loss, all you need to do is to run down to your hospital or to a nearby hospital for diabetes check up. Studies conducted recently have indicated that about 30 million children and adults are diagnosed of diabetes. Even with the increasing number of patient, a lot of person still date is still unaware of them having the diabetes condition as a result of no symptoms appearing. To determine the type 2 diabetes, it is expected that your doctor undergo casual plasma glucose or a fasting plasma glucose test for you.

The Fasting Plasma Glucose Test

This type of test is the most preferred test across the world. It is a method used in determining if a person has diabetes. Very easy and convenient to conduct, the test is regarded as less expensive. A normal fasting blood sugar is expected to be around 70 – 100 milligrams per decilitre for person who does not have the condition. The major standard for diagnosing diabetes is made once two blood test done separately indicates that he fasting blood sugar rate is equal to or higher than 126mg/dl. Ideally, if you are a normal fasting blood glucose person but have open chances for diabetes or for the symptoms of the condition, you might have to undergo a glucose tolerance test as directed by your doctor. This will assist you in determining if you have diabetes or not. While some human being has normal blood sugar, their blood keeps reading high while eating. Such persons might have an impaired glucose tolerance and if their blood glucose level is very high, they are at the verge of having diabetes.

Casual Plasma Glucose Test

This is another important test for diagnosing diabetes. The test entail the testing of your blood sugar without a regard to the last time the person ate his/her meal. While it is very important that you don’t abstain from food before the test, a normal glucose level that is higher than 200mg/dl might be indicating diabetes, most especially if the test is repeated at a different day and time but still show same results.

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The Haemoglobin A1C Test

Also referred to as the glycated haemoglobin, it is a very important test used in determining how well your diabetes can be controlled. Conducted with the use of blood, the haemoglobin test provides you the level of your blood glucose control over a period of six – twelve weeks and it is equally used in combination with blood glucose monitor in order to produce adjustments in your diabetes medications. This diabetes blood test can also be used to diagnose diabetes if it reaches a level greater than or equals to 6.5 per cent. Along with this test, it is required and compulsory for person with diabetes to conduct a dilated eye examination within a period of 9-12months. Tagged as an important test, it can help in detecting onset signs and symptoms for retinopathy, which hardly have symptoms from the beginning. Furthermore, a foot examination can also be conducted in a year or twice in a year or preferably at every visit to your doctor. Records have overtime proven that diabetes slows down the circulation in your legs and feet and can cause you to lose the feeling of your feet and leg. It is important that your doctor check your foot and leg for redness, open wounds, sores among others. In order not to get disturb with your foot examination, it is important that your eyes are closed while your doctor presses into your foot a piece of nylon. If you can’t feel the piece of nylon, it then implies that you have nerve damage. You can exam your fit everyday by also wearing fitted shoes and socks that can absorb heat. Equally, this test can also be used to detect sores that are not healing. Detecting foot and eye problems gives your doctor the opportunity of giving you the most effective treatment.

The Oral Glucose Tolerance Test

Oral glucose tolerance test is also another important method used in detecting diabetes, but it is also used for pregnant mothers. Conducted during pregnancy to check for gestational diabetes, it is also used for persons who have normal fasting glucose level but are still prone to developing the diabetes type 2. The oral glucose tolerance test is equally used to perform a diagnose for pre-diabetes.

However, many children have felt no symptoms before they get diagnosed of the diabetes type 2. Majorly, diabetes is observed in them through urine or a blood test which might have been taken for other health problems. It is important you seek the urgent attention of your doctor. Discuss about your child risk of developing the condition. If your child blood glucose test rate is higher than the normal, you can discuss with your doctor to instruct you on what type of diet your son or daughter can embark on. You can equally discuss with on what type of exercise she/she can start doing. Normally, children with the type 2 diabetes or children with the pre-diabetes are usually obese or overweight. Understanding the diabetes diagnosis is very important. This is because diabetes can be associated to other major health problems, most especially when you don’t keep your blood sugar level in check. You can prepared you mind to stay healthy and also feel cool if you are been diagnosed of it. Yes, it is a life lasting condition you have to deal with because there is no cure, but you can always follow your doctor’s treatment plan and you will definitely live a good life. You can maintain your normal life and a healthier life by carefully choosing your food, embarking on exercises daily and by not gaining excessive weight. Importantly, you have to live your lifestyles in modesty and managing diabetes would be lot more easily.