What Does Flavonoids Do

What Does Flavonoids Do

Flavonoids are recognized as a group of plant metabolizes that provide you health benefits through antioxidant impacts and through pathways signaling. It is also known as a polyohenolic molecule that contains about fifteen carbon atoms and is soluble in water. This molecule is very much found in vegetables and in fruits. The Flavonoids can however be categorized into six important subtypes that include flavones, chalcones, isoflavonoids, flavanones, anthocyanins and anthoxanthins. Many of this type of Flavonoids, particularly the anthoxanthins gives production of the yellow color to petals while on other hand, anthocyanins s is linked with producing purple reed color for leaves and red color for buds. This important nutrient is very abundant in plants and they perform very large functions. It is also very important for producing colors that are required in attracting pollinator insets and in very high order plant, it is also used for nitrogen fixing, ultraviolent filtration, and inhibition of cell cycle and for messenger for chemicals. It is always secreted by the plant root as it aids the symbiotic relationship that exists in certain vegetable that includes beans, peas, clover and rhizobia.

Additionally, Flavonoids are very large and unique in plant sources and they are the popular known type of polyohenolic compound that can be found in the diet of human beings.  The abundant of this essential nutrient linked with their relatively low toxicity implies that they can ingest into the stomach in very large quantities by both animal and humans. The types of food that are rich in Flavonoids include bananas, parsley, onions, red wine and dark chocolate. Flavonoids actually are very important antioxidants that enhance numerous health impacts. Apart from the antioxidant properties found in Flavonoids, it also provides you with other benefiting effects that include anti-cancer, anti-viral, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory. A particular Flavonoid known as Quercetin assist you in eradicating asthma, eczema, hay fever, and sinusitis. Recent findings have also proven that Flavonoids intake also assist you in reducing your risk of developing heart disease. Equally, Flavonoids is very abundant in red wine that is made from red grapes. The consumption of red wine has been proven to best for your heart. A glass or two glass intake of red wine everyday can protect you from heart associated problems.  Some medicinal tea to including the popularly known Green Tea is very rich in Flavonoids and their consumption is very much believed to lower the effect of having high cholesterol or high triglycerides in your blood stream.


The soy Flavonoids on the other hand also help in reducing cholesterol level and in fighting against the signs of menopause and osteoporosis. The daily consumption of Flavonoids (dietary) is expected to range from 50mg to 500mg. However, almost all type of fruits and vegetables to including herbs contain this powerful antioxidant. You can as well find Flavonoids in food sources that include grain, black teas, green teas, dry beans among others.  One of the surest and the best way to take Flavonoids is to eat a lot of fresh vegetables and a lot of fresh fruits every day. You can also decide to take the Flavonoids supplement and before purchasing the supplement, it is ideal you seek your doctor permission first, very important.

What Does Flavonoids Do?

Lower Risk of Health Problems

Flavonoids that can also be found in cocoa has been linked to lowering blood pressure and to reducing cholesterol, thus lowering your chances of developing heart illness. Eating of dark chocolate and cocoa has been proven to have positive effect on functioning coronary artery, clotting of the blood, and sensitivity of insulin. Flavonoids rich food that also includes apples, black tea and onions can also help you reduce the chances of developing heart problem. Furthermore, another recent study has equally proven that Flavonoids reduces a lot of cancer infection in animals effectively, but quite insufficient evident indicated that consuming high Flavonoids products can also decrease the chances of developing cancer in humans.  It is however very important to know that extracts that is gotten from Flavonoids rich onions can provide you with very strong anti-proliferation impact against colon cancer cells and your liver.

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Reduces Inflammation

Also, the intake of dark chocolate and cocoa which contain certain type of Flavonoids known as flavanols has been linked to reducing your chances of encountering inflammation in your arteries.  An earlier study has proven that daily intake of skim milk with about 40g of cocoa that is actually unsweetened can decrease the level of molecule adhesion in humans. The adhesion of molecules can into result into increasing chances for heart problems, plaque building up in your arteries, the hardening of the arteries as well as atherosclerosis.

Help Destroy Free Radicals

Flavonoids antioxidant properties can also protect your body and your cells from the damaging effect of free radical damage that is caused from either environmental pollutants or through smoke from cigarette. Having free radicals in the body can increase your bad cholesterol and can as well increase your chances of heart diseases.

However, some particular types of drugs actually interact with Flavonoids. Findings have proven that enzyme cytochrome P450 is normally inhibited by Flavonoids.  A commonly used drug, efflux transporter popularly known as P-glycoprotein that allows the decreasing of absorption of some type of drug is equally affected. While Flavonoids has been associated with interacting with certain nutrients, it also can bind together to nonheme iron, hence lowering the absorption in your intestine. Some Flavonoids equally inhibit uptake of Vitamin C and with regard to this, it has been advised to avoid eating Flavonoids food and to disengage from Flavonoids drinks when planning to take Vitamin C. Conclusively, Flavonoids which is a polyohenolic compound that is found in plant is enriched with antioxidant effect that can provide you all the necessary health benefit. The numerous diets that have Flavonoids contents have been linked to eradicating and reducing your chances of contacting some diseases. Flavonoids rich foods however include dark chocolate, cocoa, onions, apple, red wine, cranberries, and teas.