What Food Cause High Triglycerides

What Food Cause High Triglycerides

High triglycerides can be an enhancing factor for your heart disease problems to including your stroke condition. Ideally, persons diagnosed of diabetes are always in a difficult position in managing the condition and due to the fact that diabetes is quite complicated and develops diseases, there are numerous ways by which diabetes can equally enhance high triglycerides. According to researches, changing of lifestyles can make a major dent in high triglycerides – with exercises and dieting being a major contributor. Some of the major factor that you might have to embark on in getting your blood sugar level under good control include weight loss, the ceasing of smoking habit, as well as regular or daily exercises.

Additionally, you can also try to reduce your triglycerides by avoiding some kind of food that can raise them effectively. Medically, a lot of person has a genetic pre-disposition to elevated triglycerides, most importantly when the problem runs in the family. Changes in dietary can however assist you, but still might not be effective. You can discuss with your doctor on the needed drugs that might be effective. Nevertheless, triglycerides are defined as a kind of lipid which consists of most of the fat that can be found in the body and in the food.

It circulates in the plasma of blood and in combination with cholesterol, forms what is called the plasma lipids. It is usually obtained from the kind of food we eat. Triglycerides can also be obtained from the release of your liver and are in turn used to meeting short term energy requirements. Once too much food is consumed, or when an elevated high fat food or foods that entails high amount of carbohydrates is consumed, the surplus is then converted into triglycerides and are then stored in the system as body fat. When it is needed, you hormones help in regulating the production of triglycerides in order for it to be used for energy. Here is however food that causes high triglycerides.

Food that Causes High Triglycerides

Starchy Food & Refined Grain

Processed grains and starchy foods are great contributors to elevated triglycerides. This is because they have added sugars and are primarily produced from white flour which has a greater tendency of increasing your triglycerides. It is very important that you avoid bleached white bread, enriched wheat bread as well as pasta. It is also very important that you stay away from cereals that are very sugary, rice, pastries, cookies, cakes, pizza, and bagels among others. The starchy food also entails high starch vegetables to including potatoes. Specifically, you can go for food with 100% whole grain, the long grain type of rice instead of the instant rice as well as non- starchy vegetables. Vegetables that are highly rich with antioxidants would be a perfect choice. It is also important to know that your vegetable should be slightly cooked and not over cooked in order not to cook out it entire nutrients. Yes! Avoid processed grains.

rice, pasta


Particularly for men, the stopping or avoiding of alcohol would be best you. Having too drink too much into your system can lead to liver problems and can also enhance the production of triglycerides. It can be quite difficult to stop the habit of drinking alcohol, but it is crucial you stay away for the benefit of your health and wellbeing.



Ideally, staying away from sugar can be very tough as it always part of our every day meal. But is part of the food you just have to avoid for the benefit of your health. Reports have proven that simple sugars to including fructose are common contributors to high triglycerides. Although it is very easy to consume, but contributes to gaining weight and to the development of insulin resistance –which can result into blood glucose to increase and in turn put you at the risk of contacting or developing the diabetes type 2. Fructose can be found in fruits and it is also added to a lot of cooked meal as sweetener. This however does not imply that you can eat fruits, aside from fructose content in most of the fruits; they also have other benefitting nutrients such as minerals, fibers, vitamin as well as water. Notably, if you are diabetic it is better you keep off the taking of fruits or you take at least not more than one in a day. Other types of food that can cause elevated triglycerides and should be eaten less often include; honey, sucrose, glucose, maltose and corn syrup. Additionally, you just have to limit your candy and ice cream intake, flavoured and sweetened yogurts as well sweetened juices and drinks and canned drinks and fruits. You can however ask your doctor or dietician for what type of diet and fruit you can take in order to avoid high triglycerides.


Trans fat and Saturated fats

The saturated fats are usually solid when at room temperature and are majorly found in fried food to including fried meat, chicken skin, yolks of egg, butter, margarine and in fast foods. Trans fats are also recognized as hydrogenated fat and can be found in many packaged or processed food. This type of food includes cookies, chips, donut among others. This type of fat can also be found in margarine as well as in fried foods. It is very important that you avoid foods that have high saturated fats and high trans fat. You can instead choose to eat lean protein such as white chicken meat, white eggs, and legumes and you can equally choose oil such as canola oil, peanut oil and olive oil. This will help you avoid high or elevated triglycerides.


Elevated Calories Food

Consuming excessive calories can also increase your triglycerides level. You really have to pay attention to the amount of calories that you consume and try so hard to reduce eating more. Calories can however be burn out through engaging in physical exercise and you can also take calories intake tutorials online. You can equally discuss with your doctor on the amount of calories you can eat.