What is the Relationship Between Water and Tiredness?

water and tiredness

According to the scientific researches on human body, scientists concluded that a human body comprises of 60% water. Water is very crucial for proper functioning of the body. It is observed that when a person complains of tiredness or fatigue, in other words, is most probably facing dehydration, then chances are that he/she might not be taking enough water. It is important to mention that generally if the human body tends to lose 1 percent to 2 percent of water then the functioning relatively gets slower and he/she complains about the tiredness. In cases, when there is serious water shortage or dehydration, then the human body may collapse as it leads to drastic imbalance in electrolytes like sodium and potassium, which play a major role in functioning of heart and muscles as well.

Always remember that water and tiredness are interconnected as the body may lose its performance if the person is not taking enough water. However, water usage considerably depends on the regular routine a person has. The more active or field work a person is said to be in shall takes more water. Weather here also plays another major role. According to the medical expertise it is better to have at least eight to nine glass of water a day. For some people it may be hard to have these many glass so the good news here is that in order to avoid tiredness, slow behavior or worse dehydration one does not have to drink water all alone. One can consume the needed percentage of water through meals as 20% of water can be consumed from our eatables. To be precise, fruits like watermelon, cucumbers and other vegetables are water-rich’. In fact a single cup of watermelon holds a whole one cup of water ut there is no limit so yes there are other food items that may have more, beans and oatmeal, and a chicken sandwich can be used as examples here.

Tired woman with tea in kitchen

The right consumption of healthy foods would not give fears to get dehydrated. Even if a consumer drinks water the whole day, it would probably be maximum 6 glasses and at times, even less than that.

12 Tips for Drinking More Water

Considering the relationship between water and tiredness, here are some easy tips to say good bye to unwanted tiredness or fatigue and enjoying the needed amount of water to keep the body healthy and active:

1. Water Intake

An easy way to find amount how much water consumption is important is to measure the weight in pounds and divide it by 2. The result/quotient must be divided by 8. The final result is the approximate number of 8 oz. glasses of water necessary to take. For example: 160 pounds/ = 80 80/8 = 10 glasses of water each day This is a rough estimation and if anyone resides in a hotter area or has more exercises then it may be important to take more. Mentioned method may be used to calculate how much water is important.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

It is wrong to deliberately take more water than the body holds the general capability. This may disturb immune system and one might feel sick. So it is important to make sure to start this practice by taking one or maximum two glasses of water in than morning.

drink water

3. Need to Run to Toilet

After planning out “ater schedule” one thing that strikes the mind is that there will always be this urgency to rush to toilet after every 10 seconds. What a common man generally misses out is that a human body adapts this new change very quickly. It is always better to carry out new plans on off-days so that it can be easier to maintain the experiments during important official days. As long as one is attempting to try a new schedule it is better advised to “try this at home” on weekends so that there would be no one raising eyebrows on frequent toilet visits.

In case the new schedule of increased water drinking is taking time and body might be taking slightly more days as generally assumed then it is better to start with smaller amounts of water. In fact even the smaller amount of water shall save its consumer from tiredness due to hard and fast working routine

4. Right proportion

Everything when taken in a right proportion is not a danger to human body system. Water can be taken with intervals. Drinking water unnecessarily in large proportion may be hazardous to health. For example, 9 glasses of water early in the morning is definitely insane. According to science, human kidneys hold the capacity to filter only 16 ounces of liquid per hour and incase more is taken then there might be a risk of kidney related issues.

5. Change the taste

These days it is becoming relatively harder to find pure water and tiredness may be one of the reasons for not taking healthy and clean water. The taste of the water changes as the element of chlorine is excluded. Adding magnesium is helpful in getting rid of daily fatigue.

6. The right size of mug

It is better to have a reasonable size of a mug or glass to have water. If one takes bottle cap and drink it like 20 times and believe that he/she will never be dehydrated is like a pure joke. Pro tip is to go for an oversized cup as it will be equal to 2 cups of water so no worrying about taking another cup any time sooner. When it comes to know how to overcome tiredness after work, always be sure to take enough water during the working hours that they could provide energy for the remaining day.


7. Take notes!

Experts used to explain about craving for something sweet in such a manner that it is a clear indication of a dehydrated body. In such cases it is advised to have something to drink. The book has some very interesting health related talks.

8. Crave for water

People long for fizzy drinks etc. but the ones who make water as their working partner craves for simple water and of course no matter how much glasses you take when thirsty the job of water stays the same, there is never an alternative.

9. Having bad throat?

When weather begins to change abruptly or when long sessions or debate practices gives irritating throat water plays the role of “savior”.

10. Good news for weight conscious

Water does not only keep the immune system running fine but also comes as a “weight reducing’ agent for health conscious people. The right amount of intake of water and cutting sugary drinks or caffeine drinks can help in giving good shape to the body.