Why are Antioxidants Good for us?

Why are Antioxidants Good for us?

Antioxidants are used to prevent or lower the rate of cellular damage caused by unstable molecules or free radicals formed in response to various environmental conditions. They are often called as Freeradical scavengers.

Natural or artificial are two main sources of antioxidants. Most of the time, when you are talking about plant based foods, it means that they are rich in antioxidants. They are actually a type of phyto-nutrient that are also referred to as “plant-based nutrients”.

There are also some antioxidants formed in the surroundings that are called endogenous antioxidants. You just have to know the recommended daily intake of antioxidants in order to rest assured about the benefits.

How antioxidants are useful for us?

As the name indicates that antioxidants are those substances which are strong enough to fight with oxidation and to remove oxidizing agents like bacteria from a living body. Oxidizing agents are sometimes called as free radicals, these are molecules formed when you eat or chew something or when your body is get reacted with radiation or pollution of some kind.

Antioxidants always protect the cells by damaging from free radicals. It means they are observant guards. These antioxidants protect our body in both day and night. et’s have a look at why are antioxidants good for us?

Benefits of Antioxidants

If you want to improve your health issues and cognitive function, then use antioxidants as these are the molecules which help you to fight with free radicals and inflammations. They also make your boost vision clear and resistance; if you are talking about anti-inflammatory function can help you to get rid of chronic problems like arthritis. Antioxidant supplements can put you younger more than your age and also improves health.

1. Boost Cardiovascular Health

It is not necessary that your heart issues been resolved by using antioxidants like Vitamin C, which works. According to the studies, it has been found that this antioxidant can reduce the cause of stroke up to 50%.
There’s no doubt that plant based nutrients are healthy for health as they are rich in antioxidants which are filled with vegetables and fruits can protect you from cardiovascular and heart issues.

Cardiovascular Health

2. Improvement in Cognitive Health

Antioxidants also help to make your health better and cut-off the risk of dementia. Antioxidants provide relaxation in depression is Vitamin E. They can also give strength to work harder by protecting your vascular health, thus maintaining your neurons system and other organs that are associated with age factor.

Central nervous system is being controlled by antioxidants and it also prevents cognitive health and inflammation. If you want to prevent yourself from brain diseases then take antioxidants as much as you can as they help to improve your health. lheimer’s can also be protected by this. Carotenoids is a special type of antioxidant that is associated with health cognitive benefits.

3. Aid Arthritis Handling

It has been found that antioxidants are strong enough to take a challenge for the betterment of rheumatoid arthritis and gives relief. It can be associated with anti-inflammatory functions of antioxidants. Vitamin C in citrus fruits and anthocyanins in berries can be of the important antioxidants and is accountable for arthritis treatment.

4. Cancer Treatment

Cancer can be caused by free radicals of antioxidants. According to NCI (National Cancer Institute), cancer can also be cured by dietary antioxidants. Don’t rely too much on antioxidants as sometimes they make the disease worse than before. It’s better to consult a doctor then taking supplements by your own.

5. Improve Eye-sight

Antioxidants also help to improve your vision issues and age-related macular denegation. One of the studies declared that Vitamin C and E help in reducing cataract succession in not more than 3 years.
Other antioxidants which are important for vision issues are zeaxanthin and lutein which can prevent age-related muscular degeneration. Vitamin A helps in protecting from night blindness.

eye sight

6. Enhance Immunity

Eating more fruits and vegetables enhance your immunity. Vitamin A, C, E and carotenoids are those antioxidants which are helpful in boosting your immune health.

According to a report by European Journal of Clinical Nutrition says that nutritional antioxidant helps in preventing your immune system from being damaged and leads to a healthy life. It also helps in recovering from cough or could like weak immunes.

7. Improving Liver Health

Liver or lung issues mostly happen when you don’t get much oxygen or you are under some serious stress that is why antioxidants are introduced in this world. We must be assuring of the conclusion before recommending something. So, why are antioxidants good for us? The answer is they can improve liver health!

liver working

8. Fertility Improvement

When you are studying about antioxidants then keep in mind that not all the researches give positive results. But, it has been proved that sperm quality and fertility can be improved by using these supplements.

9. Urine Infections

Studies have proved that urine infections are dangerous and they might lead you to oxidative stress, which is why taking antioxidant supplements regularly can improve your health.

Special types of antioxidant- Polyphenols are used to remove UTI. It can help in tied iron supplement in urine and protect it from harmful bacteria enlargements.

10. Help in improving Kidney Health

The question: why are antioxidants good for us is not only important for humans but it holds the same importance for animals. They have proved to be quite effective in reducing kidney diseases. If a person is on dialysis then it has more significance than for a normal individual.

kidney cleanse benefits

11. Can facilitate Bodybuilders

Antioxidants can also help you to increase your body strength by bodybuilding. Oxidative tension of exercise can also be removed with it. Oxidative tension helps in recovering from injuries and boosts your body to strengthen up. Vitamin C, an antioxidant, is used in recovering of tissues that are damaged during workout because it affects free radical formation.

12. Help Chain Smokers

Eating more vegetables and fruits can facilitate smokers. Antioxidants also work in this case as they can reduce antioxidant performance and trigger oxidative stress.