why should you cleanse your liver

The human liver is a very critical organ that is so vital to the survival and maintenance of a healthy body. The liver sits at the upper right corner just below the diaphragm and performs a lot of important functions in the body. The liver is known for the production of a substance that is known as bile. When the liver produces bile, it stores it in the gallbladder from where it is subsequently utilised for digestive purposes through lipids emulsification. Digestion of food as well as the breakdown of protein fat and other compounds is part of the functions of the liver.

The liver is usually reddish in colour and has four lobes with unequal and irregular shapes which weigh approximately 1.4 to about 1.6kg. The liver is connected to the two main large blood vessels in the human body which are the hepatic artery and the portal vein. These blood vessels are responsible for the transportation of rich oxygenated blood as well as digested nutrients from the gastrointestinal system of the human body. These all lead to the liver for a form of scrutiny, cleansing and approval for use by the human body.

The food substances as well as many forms of drinks that are taken up into the body contains several chemicals some of which are not digestible by the human digestive system while some others simply contain toxic substances that are dangerous to the human health and the entire body system. Besides the food and drinks that are taken, there are also the risks of toxin consumption from many off the medications that are taken for the treatment of different illnesses. Some of these medications while could either be in the form of pills or syrups, contain different chemicals that are not digestible by the human digestive system. These chemicals pose a lot of severe health danger to the human body.


The continuous intake of foods, drinks as well as medications that contains insoluble or indigestible chemicals leads to the accumulation of these chemicals in the human body which could in turn result to severe health challenge for the body. In order to neutralise the effects of these indigestible chemicals, the human liver does what is called liver detoxification. Liver detox is a process where the human liver tries to get rid of toxic chemical substances from the body. Liver detox acts as a filtration process for the foods and drinks that are taken into the body. Through this process of detoxification off the human body system by the liver, the liver itself ends up accumulating some toxic substances in it. The presence of toxic substances in the liver or any form of impurity in the liver undermines the ability of that liver to fully function to its optimum capacity.

When there is an obstruction or a hindrance to the full functioning capacity of the human liver, there is the risk of dangerous but avoidable illnesses and other negative health conditions occurring in the body. In order to avoid the accumulation of these dangerous and poisonous substances in the liver, there is the need to steadily cleanse the liver of every accumulated toxic substance so as to improve the health as well as ensure proper functioning of the liver. There are several benefits of cleansing your liver. Some of the important reasons why you should cleanse your liver as subsequently stated

Why should you Cleanse Your Liver?


Cleansing of the liver is very necessary for the effective as well as efficient functioning of the liver. This is because the health of the entire human body to a very large extent depends on the health of the liver. The liver performs very significant functions that cannot be substituted by any other organ for any reason hence it is very paramount to keep it healthy and clean for full performance. Besides the aforementioned, the importance of liver cleansing includes:

Eliminate the presence of liver stone

Liver stone is the end result of the presence of excess cholesterol in the liver. When the level of cholesterol in the liver gets too high, it reacts with the bile content in the liver making it harden up to form a crystalline type of solid stone in the liver. These stones which could exist as many as 200 to 300 in numbers in the human liver cause obstruction to the functions of the liver. The stone blocks the proper flow of blood, as well as other nutrients and hormones in the liver thereby making less productive. However, through liver cleansing, the chances of having liver stones are eliminated because the cholesterol level in the liver will not get too high for the liver to effectively handle. Therefore, liver cleansing rids the human liver of liver stones.

Body Detoxification

The liver which helps in converting harmful and dangerous toxic substances in the body into harmless substances through a process that is known as detoxification needs to get detoxified in order help it function well. It is practically logical to say that when the liver detoxifies the body, some toxic substances remains in it, hence there is the need for cleansing in order to help the liver keep up it body detoxification duties. Therefore, cleansing the liver of every toxic and harmful substance is very critical to the efficient function of the liver for body detoxification.

Energy increment in the body

The liver specialises in the conversion of potentially dangerous and harmful substances into harmless useful substances that is reabsorbed by the human body for the production and increment of energy. When there is excess accumulation of toxic substances in the liver which inhibits the functions of the liver, the substances that would have been converted by the liver for reabsorption by the body for energy production, are passed out as waste or in some cases remains in the body to cause further harm. Consequently, the body system gets deprived of the supposed energy absorption. Therefore, there is the need for liver cleansing to ensure the increase in energy absorption by the body.